Candle Blessings - Spiritually Guided Intention Candle Casting


Candle Blessings also known as Candle Casting, Candle Intentions and Candle Magic is a ritual in which a Candle is lit with intention. The intention can be asking for good health, clarity, to banish negative energy, help for a loved one, etc. 

Please keep in mind that this is not a Spell. This is a Blessing that will help clear negative energy and intent and also to help what is intended to happen to happen more easily. 

The Ritual:

Candle is charged by rubbing an oil or oils into it. (oil is dependent on the intent)

Candle is then engraved with your name or the name of the person the intent is focused on. 

Your First and Last name will be written on a piece of paper along with the intention. The paper is then set underneath the Candle.

The Candle is lit while focusing on the person's name as well as the intention. 

The Candle will remain lit until it goes out naturally on it's own. 

There are several things to look for when a Candle is being burned...for instance how a Candle is burning, if there is a lot of smoke or soot and if the Candle burns out before it reaches the bottom. Any of the above can be an indication of a block or obstacle which case another Candle may need to be burned once this original Candle has been burned through.

When purchasing a Candle Blessing you will receive a photo of your Candle once lit. You will receive another photo once the Candle has burned down completely along with some brief notes on what I noticed during the burning of your Candle. 



 Your First & Last Name

⭐ Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)

⭐ Your Intention. 

⭐ A Photo of yourself if possible. 

PLEASE BE SURE to send me all the required info so that your Reading will not be delayed.



Once you have become a client of mine you will always receive a Return Discount Code.


By Law I must state that All Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. This Reading will NOT effect a physical change or other outcome, such as weight loss, love, or revenge. I also do not perform Readings in relation to Gender Predictions, Winning Money or Health Related Issues.

Timing is very fluid and can be impacted very easily. The purpose of a Reading is to give you a Guideline of what is to come but it is the paths that you choose from there on out that will determine the timing.