As a Certified Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Practitioner I am now offering Reiki and Distance Reiki Sessions to my Clients as well as their pets.
Reiki and Distance Reiki
Reiki is a healing technique where energy can be channeled from the Universal Life Force through the Practitioner into the Recipient which can then activate the natural healing processes of the Recipient's body and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Since Reiki works with energy and not the physical body face to face, voice or even video contact is not needed which allows Distance Reiki to be not only effective but most times more powerful than an in person session. More powerful and effective because the recipient can relax without any pressure in their own comfortable surroundings.
Animal Reiki
Although Reiki is commonly used on humans, it can also be effectively used when working with animals. Reiki can help to strengthen the connection between an animal and owner. Reiki can help to maintain health on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Reiki can help increase an animal's feelings of relaxation and reduce tension in anxious animals.
Reiki can be performed successfully from a distance making this a safe therapy for the animal and practitioner. Because Reiki helps increase the body's awareness of imbalances and the body then does the healing, Reiki can never do any harm.